Take Hydaway Camp Bowls On Your Next Travel Adventure

With a streamlined look and a sturdy stainless steel rim, the Hydaway Camp Bowls are slim, lightweight and easy to use with an ergonomic design and a leak-proof polymer lid. The camp bowls are available in two sizes: 1.5 cups and 4 cups. Each set includes one bowls, one lid, and one matching insulation sleeve. The large bowl unfolds from one inch to one quart in seconds. The entire bowl packs down to a slim one-inch package to fit in any camp kit, van drawer, picnic basket, or bear box. A thick foam sleeve along the sides and bottom of the bowl protects your hands and keeps food warmer, longer. The lid holds in heat until you’re ready to eat. The gasketed lid protects your contents from spilling when tipped over and helps keep the bugs out until chow time. The lid can double as a side dish when eating from the bowl. Wash them in your camp sink or seal the lids and do it later. All parts are easily dishwasher safe if you want to wait until you get home. The Camp Bowls are available in four color styles: Cascadia, Yukon, Metolius and Mojave.

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