Hennessy Continues It’s Luxurious Legacy With Rolls Royce and The Stronghold

For many successful brands, their lasting impression is a hallmark to their achievements. A case in point would be Hennessy brand cognac and other like-minded brands. Through a recent dinner hosted by them, we were able to get a rare, intimate look at how the legendary spirits house and its similar contemporaries Rolls Royce & The Stronghold have managed to transcend time, while continuing to pioneer and define what luxury means to today’s consumer.

We were honored to be in the company of 8th generation family member and Global Brand Ambassador, Maurice Hennessy. Hennessy Head of Mixology and Brand Education, Jordan Bushell, Rolls-Royce Head of Communications Gerry Spahn, and Owner of The Stronghold, Michael Paradise.

Highlighting the meal was a three course menu that was perfectly paired together with Hennessy X.O. The first course was a tuna tartare that was paired up with a Fleur De “Lees,” which consisted of Hennessy X.O, Suze, Pineau De Charente, and a grapefruit twist. Second course was a 24-hour braised short rib along side Hennessy X.O served neat in a tulip glass. Last but not least, our final course was a lemon tart paired with Hennessy X.O served on a rooibos tea cube.

With appetites satisfied by the tremendous food and incredible cocktails, we were on hand to experience how legacies were made and maintained through the minds of experienced industry leaders.

Cheers and thanks to Hennessy, Rolls-Royce and The Stronghold for a wonderful night of new memories and good times.

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