Rendered Stylish: Maya “Jetpacksprat” Spratling

A revolving look at a personal expression of style.

Rendered Stylish is a revolving look at our contemporaries who inspire us with their dedication to the crucial expression of style.


1. Give a little background on yourself:

I’m originally from Boston. Born and raised. I moved to LA about three years ago. I started off by style blogging for fun. Then, I got into lifestyle modeling as a way of showcasing my styles and exploring Los Angeles. I am also styling a rapper/actor named KR (@whokr).

2. Name:

Maya “Jetpacksprat” Spratling

3. Occupation:


4. Favorite places to shop:

Thrift stores, workwear shops, my dad’s closet, bodegas, COS, Asos.

5. How did you get interested in fashion:

I’ve always been interested in fashion because my mother and father are really into it. So it has always been a natural interest. As a result, I began dressing myself very early. I started really taking it seriously when I graduated HS because it was something I really gravitated towards. I always loved cresting looks, mixing colors and patterns. That’s when I started challenging myself to learn and grow into it even more.

6. Describe your personal style:

My personal style is a mix of classic, athletic, eclectic, and modernist. It’s hard for me to describe my personal style because it’s forever changing and I will wear outfits that can fit in a range of styles. I wear things that make me feel good or that I have a connection with. For example, a lot of my vintage pieces are actually from my dad’s closet. He wore these pieces when he was my age. I think that’s really cool. Most of my clothing has a story and a past life.

7. Style Dos and Don’ts:

Do allow yourself to feel what clothes are right for you. So if your first instinct is that you love something, wear it. Don’t stop wearing something because others don’t necessarily like it. Your style is unique to you and most of the time there will be people that don’t like what you wear. The clothes you choose to wear should always make you feel like the best version of yourself. They should make you feel good.

8. Favorite and Most Hated trend right now:

My most hated trend right now would probably be the “Fear of God” looks with the zip denim. I love Fear of God, but the Yeezy wearers took that trend and ran with it haha! My favorite trend right now is color! Color! Color! Right now the way people are able to wear colors is so free. Guys are wearing pink and bright tones and I love it. Yes to more colors!

9. Fashion philosophy:

If you like it, wear it!

10. Favorite things in your closet:

My favorite things in my closet right now would definitely be my adidas shell toe slip ons. They’re super comfy and they go with everything. I wear them everyday. Also, my I Love Ugly cargo pants. The construction of those pants, the fit, the insane amount of pockets, keep me obsessed. I love pockets ?

11. If you can wear one type of outfit forever, what would it be?:

It would definitely be a fly sweatsuit. They’re comfy and fly. Plus these new athletic inspired designs are making it easy to wear sweats daily without looking like you’re coming from the gym.

12. Favorite fashion designers:

Hmm, right now I’m loving Marni. Their style is very clean. I also really like Adder. Their styles are modernist and their creative direction and whole aesthetic is so clever. Lastly is a designer I found on Instagram from Johannesburg named Maxhosa. I love them because they use colors and patterns brilliantly. They have managed to clash African culture and modern smart clothing into one without dumbing down either.

Photo Credit: Angela Tran

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