Tiger Woods Sets A New Course With Sun Day Red

A brand that promises to bring a new and elevated standard to performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion.

In the world of golf, where legends are made through relentless dedication and an unyielding pursuit of perfection, Tiger Woods stands apart. His journey from a prodigious talent to a 15-time major champion, 82-time PGA winner, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a fixture in the World Golf Hall of Fame is a testament to a career defined by hard work and an indomitable spirit. It’s these qualities that Tiger is channeling into his latest venture: Sun Day Red—a brand that promises to bring a new and elevated standard to performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion.

Sun Day Red isn’t just another clothing brand; it’s poised to redefine what golfers expect from their attire. It’s a culmination of Tiger’s extensive experience, a brand built on the belief that apparel can be both a marker of style and a tool for performance. Pieces that will feature never-seen-before patterns, fabrication, and technical detailing intended to elevate all levels of play, while other designs will combine advanced temperature-control materials with modern lifestyle silhouettes for an entirely new look for versatile performance wear. And of course, there are luxury logo tees, fleece and hats for those who’ll want to make Sun Day Red part of their everyday style routine.

But what really sets Sun Day Red apart? It’s the meticulous attention to detail that Tiger is known and respected for. Each piece incorporates his specific requests, from enhanced shoulder seaming that promotes full motion, unrestricted swings, to 2-way zippers and pocket seaming that eliminate bulking, plus collars and cuffs precisely designed and measured for optimum performance. “I have learned so much over the years and have a lifetime of experience adjusting my apparel and footwear to help me play better based on the way it was constructed. There are things that I could tell you that no one knew I was doing over the years. I’m ready to share those secrets with the world. Sun Day Red will embody a love of playing and competing, and we are for people that share those values, whether it’s on the course, or in life. We will be anchored to putting the athlete first in the product decisions we make.”

At the heart of Sun Day Red’s ethos is a logo that tells a story. It’s a narrative of Tiger’s incredible achievements, a visual tribute to a career that has inspired millions. But the designs go further, embedding Easter eggs for the fans, including a 15-striped tiger emblem representing his 15 major wins. Also causing a stir is a 3-word name. The word mark appears as 3 words for a simple reason: there is a special power in 3’s. Calling it Sun Day Red was a fun way for us to create something completely different and unexpected. Born from a love for being outside in the sun, the joy of playing golf during the day, and a special red being the brands power color – as soon as Sun Day Red was placed on a garment for the first time, it just looked perfect.

As Sun Day Red gears up for its launch on May 1, 2024, the excitement is palpable. This isn’t just the release of a new apparel line; it’s the start of a new chapter in the Tiger Woods saga. With plans to expand the brand to include women’s and children’s styles as well as footwear, the future of Sun Day Red shines bright.

Sun Day Red represents more than just luxury-quality apparel. It’s a legacy in the making, a testament to Tiger’s enduring impact on golf and beyond. As Sun Day Red prepares to make its mark, one thing is clear: it’s much bigger and broader than a mere golf brand. It’s a leap forward, a celebration of excellence in execution, and a love for playing and competing that has defined Tiger’s life.

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