Designercon: One Hell of a Creative Journey (RECAP)

If you ever had the chance to talk to someone in the creative field, there is never a shortage of excitement when they discuss something that excites them or is a constant source of inspiration. We surround ourselves with great examples of design whether or not we know it’s even happening. An eye catching sticker, exclusive posters from a concert, and even limited edition toys have the ability to light the spark of your next big idea and pave the way for infinite possibilities. With design having an impact on almost everything and anything, it is why DesignerCon is the perfect place for creatives to share knowledge, show off their work, and of course, get your hands on some one of a kind merchandise.

Located at the always impressive Anaheim Convention Center, DesignerCon hosted this year’s most impressive collection of designers, artists, and iconic brands to showcase their work and provide insight on what their fans can expect to see in the new year. Stickers, patches, pins and prints were being sold in the thousands as if they were some form of unique currency. Rest assured that you would leave with something you couldn’t wait to share with your friends. Many of the vendors, local and nationwide, experienced their first time working the event. Lincoln Design Co. from Portland, Hdqtrs® from New York, and Bags43 from San Francisco were just a few of the incredible designers and companies that made the trip just to strut their creative stuff. No matter what direction you were facing, the room never ceased to surprise you. Live screen printing demos were being held and people where taking photos left and right of work that instantly caught their eye, all while hundreds of people waited in line just to get their hands on exclusive content only available at the event. It is with no hesitation that this show has something special in store for everyone.

Whether you’re in need of some inspiration or some cool collectibles, DesignerCon is an annual event that takes you on a creative journey providing you with plenty of that spark and always leaves you waiting for more. Needless to say, 2020 is in for a creative whirlwind.

Photos by Garrin Yabuta

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