Move Over Styrofoam Coolers The RECOOL Is Taking Over

Help contribute to our environment.

Styrofoam coolers, we love the convenience it provides for the last minute bonfires. However, pack too many beers and you’re on the way to having a broken cooler, warm beers for the nights’ festivities and a negative score against Mother Nature.

We were recently invited to the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano CA, to learn more about compost. Composting is the process that involves various materials that are discarded as waste products to enrich and condition soil for plants. Igloo is helping to contribute by making a cooler that is 100% biodegradable made with recycled pulp. The RECOOL is a 16-quart cooler that can keep ice frozen up to 12 hours, keep water from leaking for up to 5 days, hold 75lbs and eliminate those squeaky noises styrofoam coolers are known for.

Big ups to Igloo for redesigning a cooler that will help contribute to our environment.

For more information on Igloo and its product offerings HERE.
The suggested retail price of “RECOOL” is $9.99 and will be available in REI stores nation-wide May 1, 2019, and thousands of other retail locations in Summer 2019.

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