The Hundreds X Baxter of California Featuring Aaron Kai

Take care of all your grooming needs.

Baxter of California, the leading innovator in understanding and meeting men’s grooming needs, along with The Hundreds, a Classic Californian Streetwear brand, are excited to announce the launch of a limited edition collaboration of soft goods and grooming products, with custom graphic and label artwork by famed pop artist, Aaron Kai (@aaronkkai).

As streetwear has often been inspired by pop art, The Hundreds X Baxter of California commissioned Hawaiian artist Aaron Kai for the custom artwork for this collaboration. Famous for his pop art-style waves, Kai’s vibrant work highlights the blue color scheme of the waves to the tune of Baxter of California’s signature blue bottles. Additionally, the collaborative label was designed to appear like a splash of water, tying into the freshness of Baxter of California’s grooming products.

My waves are representative of my past, growing up surfing in Hawaii. As a surfer, there’s not always waves to surf, so I started drawing waves on my free time. These waves eventually got warped, mangled and stretched into the waves they are today, and I’m sure in 10 years the waves will look different. I feel this design represents both brands for obvious reasons, one of them being the surf culture that Hawaii & California embody. Another is the cleanliness of the waves, as to me that meshes perfectly with the idea of men’s grooming products—everything is clean.

-Aaron Kai

Available now at The Hundreds Los Angeles, our online shop, and

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