Element Brand “Set for Summer”

As much as we’d all love for summer to last longer — and with it, its good vibes and endless sunshine — its moments are numbered and fleeting. Fall’s creeping on the come up, Pumpkin Spice everything and chicks in Uggs be damned. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying to prolong it, and what better place to squeeze every last bit of summer’s heat and rays than the desert.

There’s a natural solace in the extremes of the desert; its barren expanse a fitting cradle of solitude; the perfect escape to make summer last a bit longer. Being face to face with the desert’s elements is a welcome situation for us chasers of daylight’s adventures, blank canvas enthusiasts, and habitual line-steppers.

Cheers to summer’s last moments. Toast to the aspects that made it last so long. Salute to the elements that keep us holding on to its every last comfort.

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