3 Trends from Agenda to Look Forward to this Fall

What's new this coming fall?

Brands brought the heat and showed us 3 trends from Agenda Long Beach to look forward to this coming fall season.



  1. Throwback Pieces

    One of the common themes that we saw brands excited to talk about were their homages to 90’s. We’re not talking about over baggy clothing and chokers…we’re talking about simple silhouettes, but with a modern twist.Altamont

  2. Blues and Greens

    Expect to see blues and greens to fill your closets this coming Fall. From shoes, accessories, and clothes, you’ll see an array of dark blues and olive greens that will tickle your fancy for you to wear.Herschel Line Up

  3. Accessories

    Get ready to step up your accessory game this fall as well. Brands are pulling the all the stops for you to flex their gear through pins, hats and everything in between.


Get excited folks, Fall is coming and we can’t wait for these 3 trends from Agenda to walk the streets.

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