This month marks Rastaclat’s 10th anniversary. In honor of achieving this milestone, Rastaclat owners Daniel Kasidi and Eileen Szymanski Chen are celebrating with a deeper commitment to doing good for the community by launching the Seek The Positive Foundation which will focus on impacting humankind through service, charitable grants, donations, and scholarships with a focus on Equality and Personal Development.

“We have been on an incredible journey this past decade and our vision of launching the Seek the Positive Foundation has finally become a reality. We truly believe that every human of every race, gender, and socioeconomic status should have equal opportunity, have the tools and resources to achieve their dreams and live a purposeful life. I am so proud of our passionate and devoted team and the profound impact we will have inspiring the world to Seek the Positive,” says Partner & President, Eileen Szymanski Chen.

Alongside the foundation, Rastaclat will release a collection of Seek the Positive bracelets that will be a daily reminder for everyone to seek positivity in their everyday endeavors. The Seek The Positive Collection by Rastaclat is comprised of 5 colors of unisex bracelets, available in two sizes. Starting September 22, 2020, Rastaclat will be pledging 1% of all net proceeds to the Seek the Positive Foundation to support causes we are passionate about.

To get a closer look at the Seek the Positive Foundation check out their website www.SeekThePositive.org

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