Rastaclat Partners With It Gets Better

This summer Rastaclat is celebrating equality and solidarity with the new release of their Pride collection, in partnership with the It Gets Better Project. Founded in 2010, It Gets Better provides resources and outreach for the LGTBQ+ youth community, creating a safe space to uplift and empower young individuals who are facing challenging times. Starting June 18th, $1 of every Pride bracelet will be donated to It Gets Better in support of their global initiatives.

In its second year of releasing the Pride bracelet, Rastaclat believes positive actions can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings. “As both of our organizations share the same values, the most important value we hold true to our hearts, is that you’re never alone in this world”, stated Founder and CEO Daniel Kasidi.

Through this time Rastaclat celebrates inclusivity, community involvement, and equality for a brighter future. “What we want you to know is that there are people who care about you, they love you, and there is help around you. Just continue to have that hope, it gets better”, stated Founder and CEO Daniel Kasidi.

The Rastaclat PRIDE collection is from $23.99 and is now available on Rastaclat.com.

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