To celebrate International Women’s Day, Rastaclat connected with Liz Beecroft for their latest spotlight feature highlighting the Brooklyn native, psychotherapist and mental health advocate. Liz is known to work closely with teenagers and engages with them on a personal level to help them feel comfortable with identifying their feelings and self. With her sense of style, love for basketball and familiarity with pop culture, Liz is far from the average licensed therapist.

“Liz is at the forefront of championing feeling and identifying self-validity,” stated Daniel Kasidi, founder of Rastaclat. “Not only is she making an impact in her local community, but she is dedicated to helping an entire generation of kids with mental health and balancing the alignment of values.”

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Liz Beecroft discovered her love for basketball and idolized players like Allen Iverson, T-Mac, Vince Carter and Michael Jordan. Liz realized mental health was her calling when she experienced her own depression as she attended college. Liz holds a Master of Social Work from NYU and takes pride in self-care as a full-time psychotherapist and outlet for self-care.

Peep the spotlight on Rastaclat’s site HERE.

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