Sundae School Launches Pride Capsule

Not your typical stoner attire.

Not your typical stoner attire, Sundae School‘s interpretation of “smokewear” is that of high quality garments—you won’t find tie-dye shirts or blatant marijuana motifs here—that help elevate the smoking experience or simply just make one look good while consuming cannabis.

Sundae School’s Pride capsule collection showcases the spirit of celebrating the intersection of the LGBTQ community and Cannabis enthusiasts, as this is the precursor for the brand’s upcoming cannabis product launch this summer. “As we witness the recent cannabis industry’s ‘coming out’ momentum, we hope to celebrate this Pride Month being proud of what we love (to smoke) and who we love (to smoke with),” notes Sundae School Founder Dae Lim.

The 2019 Pride Capsule consists of two t-shirts styles: The “Sundae Stoned” T-Shirt are sold at Barney’s both online and in-store retailing for $80.00 and the “Stoned” T-Shirt is available at 4510/SIX online and in-store at Hudson Yards retailing for $69.00.

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