Rastaclat Stands With LGBTQ Community

Rastaclat continues to fulfill its mission of “Spreading Positive Vibrations One Wrist at a Time” with the addition of its first-ever PRIDE bracelet. The latest edition goes beyond another wrist accessory, it is a symbol of solidarity. The PRIDE bracelet stands with Rastaclat’s belief that positive actions can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings.

The colorful bracelet was created with the focus of respect at the forefront. “When individuals see another with a Rastaclat PRIDE on their wrist, we hope that one will feel as though they are in the presence of comfort and acceptance,” stated Rastaclat Founder and CEO Daniel Kasidi.

The accessory wear company was constructed from Kasidi’s pure ambition as a young teen for creative expression and desire to inspire those around him to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. This line continues to stand true and not only encourages Equality in the world today, but in the streetwear and lifestyle community.

“There are many adversities people will overcome in their lifetime and we hope that when one may stutter step or question their path, they can look down at their wrist and remember to uphold the passion and righteousness that has gotten them this far,” stated Kasidi. “Our goal is to inspire those around us to continue to stay true to themselves and have pride in who they are.”

The Rastaclat PRIDE collection is $22.99 and is now available on Rastaclat.com and at finer shops worldwide.

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