OPKIXOne Camera is Wearable Tech for the Social

Created specifically for a social-first generation, the first of its kind OPKIXOne camera boasts a uniquely compact size (just under four inches), and pairs with an integrated app where you can edit your footage with the addition of filters, music, and AR, creating unique content to share across your favorite social platforms.

The OPKIXOne allows you to capture footage with a continuous recording time of 15 mins per camera and is also 100% hands-free with the addition of wearable accessories including stylish eyewear, jewelry, and more.

The new wearable device also aims to take away the familiar disappointment of missing life’s greatest moments because you’re too busy filming — when was the last time you actually experienced something rather than filming on your iPhone? The OPKIXOne is giving you the tools to make magic happen, including:

  • Bluetooth technology uploads footage immediately to the OPKIX Studio App
  • Ability to edit and add filters directly to your video
  • Incorporate AR filters and lenses, making the impossible, possible
  • Upload music to enhance your story
  • Post to social media with the tap of your screen

Available now on their website OPKIX.com
Retail $295

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