Moshi Launches SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount

Moshi, the accessory design house, has released their versatile SnapTo magnetic mounting system for iPhone. The series features the SnapTo Car Mount with Wireless Charging, a regular SnapTo Car Mount, and SnapTo Wall Mount for home use. The flagship SnapTo Car Mount with Wireless Charging is one of the world’s first Qi-certified magnetic car mounts.

“As soon as the iPhone X launched with wireless charging, we knew customers would be looking for a more convenient way to charge their phone in the car,” said Spencer Pangborn, Director of Product Marketing at Moshi. “Our system is different from other mounts because the magnets are placed on the circumference of the charging coil, which lets power pass through wirelessly.”

Designed to work exclusively with Moshi’s Altra, iGlaze and Vesta series, the inside of each case features a cut out for inserting the SnapTo metal tabs. This keeps case completely free from any metal on the outside, offering a minimalist and stylish look. The SnapTo name hints at how the user’s phone quickly snaps to the mount magnetically.

The SnapTo Wall Mount is available for purchase today for $19 on The SnapTo Car Mount with Wireless Charging ($60) and SnapTo Car Mount ($30) will be available in mid-April.

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