Wienerschnitzel Athletes Travis Pastrana, Trevor Jacob, Vicki Golden and Phil Smage Send it in “Action Figures 2”

To heat up the summer season, Wienerschnitzel is proud to support Nitro Circus’ “Action Figures 2” movie premiering June 28 on Sony Crackle. WienerFam: Travis Pastrana, Trevor Jacob, Vicki Golden, Phil Smage and TDO (The Delicious One) are scheduled to rip throughout the action packed film that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

“When the Nitro Circus team reached out for support on Action Figures 2 it was a no brainer,” said J.R. Galardi, President of Wienerschnitzel. “Travis Pastrana, Trevor Jacob, Vicki Golden and Phil Smage are some of the world’s most renown adrenaline junkies and it’s an honor to have them as part of the Wienerfam. It was awesome to see this movie come to fruition and I’m glad that we had the chance to work with such a talented crew of dare devils.”

“Action Figures 2,” the sequel to 11-times X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana’s hit 2015 action sports movie “Action Figures,” pays homage to old-school action sports videos and highlights extreme human performance. The new film embodies Travis’ drive to progress while allowing his friends to turn stunts they once only dreamed of into reality. It is a passion project for Travis as well as an authentic collaboration with all of the action sports stars involved, as each has contributed to the filming and editing of their sections of the movie. “Action Figures 2” is one crazy ride with Travis at the wheel as his friends achieve the unthinkable while tacking up multiple worlds’ firsts along the way (including a major milestone by Travis, one that has been several years in the making). These real-life action figures go bigger, farther and faster than ever before to conquer the impossible and ignite action sports entertainment.

Nitro Circus’ “Action Figures 2” will be available for free via Sony Crackle. Click here to check it out when it goes live on Thursday, June 28th: Sony Crackle

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