HEX Launches the Transit Collection

The new HEX Transit Collection is constructed in supple black neoprene, providing an amazing feel and look to the bags. There are 5 bags in this new capsule, which include the Signal Backpack, the Range Backpack, the Laptop Tote, the Drifter Duffel, and a great Waist Pack. They all have HEX heritage lining with black trim and finishes and are all fully #DeviceReady, as you would expect from HEX.

“Getting to explore new textiles is one of the things we enjoy most”, says Dan Maravilla, co-founder. “Neoprene is one of those fabrics that really makes a statement when used properly. We are proud of how we used it in a modern and sophisticated way to achieve an amazing result.”

Pricing for the Collection is as follows and all products are available now at hexbrand.com, HEX’s Los Angeles retail store, and premium retail partners around the world.

Transit Signal Backpack: $84.95
Transit Range Backpack: $84.95
Transit Drifter Duffel: $99.95
Transit Laptop Tote: $99.95
Transit Waist Pack: $34.95

For more information on the Transit Collection and HEX’s extensive line of products, visit the website.

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