Agenda Long Beach 2018 Recap

The new year of 2018 kicks off with Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach, CA. From the jump, there were lines to enter the first show of the year and to see what new and older brands had to showcase for their upcoming lines. This time around, the show felt a little smaller than usual, but the brands that exhibited had buyers around each aisle.

The big announcement that had everyone around Agenda buzzing was that the founder, Aaron Levant would be retiring from the trade show industry and focusing on a new venture. It has yet to be announced, but we are sure that whatever it is, it will be successful. With Agenda celebrating its 15th anniversary, Levant has overcome many obstacles that have helped propelled him into a class of his own. With the many ups and downs that the fashion industry comes with, Agenda is still left standing triumphantly. Stay tuned for more updates with Levant’s next move.

Agenda Long Beach exhibited a vast array of art installations alongside the coffin from Rebel 8, new sneaker and slide silhouettes from Champion brand, and solid graphics from up and coming brands Cruizer & Co. and Never Made. Other major brands that had an Agenda debut like Nautica brought back that old school feel alongside their official hat collaboration with Flexfit. Be sure to follow The Render Network as we hope that this is only a snippet of greatness that 2018 will bring.

Photos By: Karen Capalaran

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