Matix and Mountain Dew Team Up For Fall Collection

Matix Clothing Co. officially launched its first-ever apparel collaboration with Mountain Dew® today, featuring the brand’s popular retro logo for the 2017 fall season. Amateur California skateboarder Reemo Pearson, a sponsored rider for both Mountain Dew and Matix Clothing Co., played a key role in the creation of the new collection, cohesively linking the brands through vintage appeal and a modern, stylish fit.

“Working on this project with Mountain Dew has given Matix Clothing Co. a unique opportunity to collaborate with Mountain Dew’s pro and am skateboarders including Reemo Pearson and Jordan Maxham,” said Gabe Clement, marketing manager for Matix Clothing Co. “We have captured the nostalgia around Mountain Dew by incorporating their throwback logo and tying in the skate look and feel that comes from the roots of the Matix brand.”

Check out the video of Pearson and Maxham, joining Anthony Anaya and Jared Cleland, showcasing the new collaboration and its overall good time vibes.

The eight-piece modern fit, vintage collection includes flannels, hoodies, hats and tees and is now available in select stores and online at

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