The Heated Battle of the Burger in Los Angeles is a Tasty Event You Can’t Miss

Its hard to think of a better way to send Summer off with a blissful goodbye than with an old fashioned burger brawl in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The Battle of the Burger showcased the 11 best burger joints in the city, duking it out by way of popular vote to see who would earn the throne and ultimate bragging rights for the next year.

For one day at La Plaza de Culturas y Artes in downtown Los Angeles, the city was treated to the perfect pairings of burgers, Cholula hot sauce, fries, and beer—pleasantly continuing to shower us with multiple bite-sized morsels of what Summer has felt like. With live tunes, free ice cream, lawn games, and photo booths helping you stay amused between burger tastings, the day flew by with a constant stream of good vibes.

With paid entrance, each visitor received tickets to hand to the respective booths they liked the best, and would be able to try all the participating restaurant’s item to their hearts content(Pepcid would’ve been a great idea).

This year, Beacon Echo Park took 1st place with their tiny Wagyu burger, very reminiscent of the gummy Trolli burger candies—which likely added to its appeal to visitors.

For more information on the next Cholula sponsored event, hit up their website.  For the full list of burger vendors found at the Battle of the Burger, take a Time Out.


All Photos by: Jakob N. Layman

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