Etnies Footwear X Michelin Partnership Takes Durability To The Next Level

We all know the wear and tear of a skate shoe is inevitable to skateboarders and the repeated motion of sliding your shoe up and across the grip tape can wear down the material over a period of time. What if I told you there was a skate shoe that will last you three times more than the skate shoes you have on your feet right now?  Sounds too good to be true right? Well, thanks to Etnies, the days of struggling to find ways to keep the longevity of your favorite shoes with duct tape, super glue and shoe goo are long gone because of the new Michelin Marana’s.

Etnies and Michelin have partnered to make the most durable shoe in skateboarding even more long-lasting with the global release of the Michelin Marana. The outsole is equipped with the long-lasting formula of a Michelin’s rally racing rubber compound.  Not only is it a long-lasting formula, it also offers slip-resistant durability, precision, enhanced adherence, and maximum flexibility.

Watch how the Michelin Marana was designed below:

So, no more super glue, duct tape or shoe goo because the new Michelin Maranas will have you skating the same pair of shoes for a long time.

The Michelin Marana is now available on the Etnies website.







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