Dropout Club Intl Releases Collaboration with Stance Socks

Dropout Club Intl announced the launch of their first-ever collaboration with Stance, featuring a three artist capsule of socks. Released globally, Dropout Club Intl and Stance teamed up to design a sock and t-shirt combo that could be merchandised together highlighting three underground artists including a tattoo artist, multidisciplinary visionary and a memento mori.

Nathan Kostechko:

Southern California native and tattoo artist, Nathan Kostechko, brought his tattoo influence to the Stance threads with a unique burning palm tree design as the first capsule combo to the Dropout Club Intl and Stance collection. Kostechko was inspired to mold his own creativity, turning his art into something that is noticed both on and off the skin.

Jesse Brown:

Jesse Brown, Seattle based multidisciplinary visual artist added his unique touch to the Dropout Club Intl and Stance collection with an array of illustrations including roses, water droplets, top hats and palm trees to highlight his exploration for geometric forms, pattern, typography, shape and repetition.

David Cook aka “Bonethrower”:

Best known for his unique style and take on mysticism and memento mori, David Cook aka “Bonethrower” takes his immersive background in psychedelic art to the Dropout Club Intl and Stance capsule with his vibrant and mischievous design.

To spotlight the creative artistry and provide branding credit, each artist is labeled on the toes of their designed sock while Dropout Club Intl is labeled on the bottom. Each pair of socks is also packaged with artist and branding bios highlighting each of their unique backgrounds and origins of inspiration.


Check out the collection HERE.


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