Alpha Industries Fall & Winter 17

This season, Alpha Industries, takes its design references from the U.S. Military Parariggers during the Persian Gulf War in the early 1990s. Responsible for the packing and repairing of parachutes, Parariggers are required to have a full understanding of fabrics, hardware and construction. An asset to the military, often times these heroes would be charged with patching together uniforms in midst of a mission using whatever resources they had. As such, Fall/Winter 2017 is inspired by these customization skills and is realized with the introduction of new and innovative material combinations, coupled with unique detailing.

Also, Alpha found inspiration from the Persian Gulf War in the 1990’s – which you will see with the embroidery on the back that displays “Desert Storm 92-93” World Tour stops and comes in a Chocolate Chip Camo variations, a camo frequently used during that conflict. You will see this specifically in the CWU 45/P Storm Cruiser. Additional new styles introduced this drop include the Quartermaster Field Coat Long, MA-1 Natus in Commander Red and the MA-1 Long. Alpha Industries has always found ways to bridge its heritage and modern style, and this season is no different.

For more information, go see the collection for yourself at Alpha Industries.

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