Shoutout To All The Queens In The World

This is a shoutout to all the queens in the world who know nothing but love and compassion. Who are eternally bountiful, raining down your blessings and affection. You are the queens of a kingdom that do not give you enough credit for all that you give.

But you still give.

You are the women with hearts of gold, and wits of titanium.
You are the women who can raise boys gracefully on your own grooming them to be respectable men
You are the glue to every family.
You are the anchor in every household.
You are the captivating models that arrest our hearts on and off the runway.
You are poetry in its purest form.
You are set up to fail, and yet you continue to be relentless and unwavering.
You are the true muses in a museum full of priceless paintings.
You are the roses that bloom in this fruitless world.

You are worth it.

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