HEX Brand Introduces Surf Tote

The Surf Tote by HEX brand is a revolutionary, patent pending design that incorporates wet/dry storage for a wetsuit, wax and other accessories along with an insulated pocket for drinks, as well as dry laptop storage. As if all this isn’t enough, the bag also boasts hideaway straps that actually allow a surfboard to be carried hands-free. The straps can also be configured to allow the bag to be worn as a backpack or across the body.

The Surf Tote is constructed in premium, water-resistant nylon and is available in solid black or fatigue green colorways. This new product is priced at $119.95 and is available at hexbrand.com and other premium retailers now.

For more information on the Surf Tote and HEX’s extensive line of products, visit the website.

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