Umbro’s Now & Then Event Recap

This past weekend, iconic English sportswear and football supplier Umbro presented “Now & Then,” at a local creative hub in Los Angeles. With this installation, the brand wanted to celebrate the history and the future of Umbro USA. It was designed to inspire the next generation of athletes through art and sport. The collaboration included original artwork by legendary Los Angeles calligrapher and tattoo artist Big Sleeps, as well as the debut of Umbro’s newest Spring / Summer 2017 collection.

Big Sleeps’ artwork reflects Los Angeles street calligraphy and lettering, which has transitioned seamlessly from LA neighborhoods into galleries and walls worldwide. As one of the culture’s most well respected artists, Big Sleeps has collaborated with a slew of artists and companies. For Now & Then, Big Sleeps created custom, one-of-a-kind artwork with his signature style celebrating Umbro’s Spring / Summer 2017 collection, as well as on canvasses and other items featuring soccer slang.

Umbro’s Spring / Summer 2017 collection features a selection of soccer kits, tops and bottoms that highlights the revival of the iconic sportswear manufacturer, which will bring the style of the beautiful game to the streets of Los Angeles.

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