Rendered Stylish: Clarsen Cabuco

Rendered Stylish is a revolving look at our contemporaries who inspire us with their dedication to the crucial expression of style.

1. Give a little background on yourself: I was born and raised in California but for the past four years New York has been my home. I’m easily excited, most currently about waffle crisp cereal.

2. Name: Clars

3. Occupation: Retail/Wholesale Planner for Prada

4. Favorite places to shop: I don’t have a favorite place to shop anymore, but I used to have a favorite place when I was living in my hometown. There was this thrift store I loved in Oxnard, on Oxnard Blvd, which I swear to god I’m not lying was called The Retarded Citizens Thrift Store. They had the best vintage coats, jackets, skirts, and costume jewelry. Their selection went largely unappreciated so I would also score the most amazing stuff. Most memorable find was when I found multiple pairs of GENUINE PYTHON pumps in size 4. I’m not a size 4 but my aunt is, so I took the entire stack. They were in pristine condition and dirt cheap. Never underestimate thrift stores!

5. How did you get into fashion: At a very young age my mom would take me fabric shopping and to the tailor to get things made that we saw in magazines, so liking to dress up is something I’ve inherited from her. BUT it would have to be our family friend Donna that introduced me to designer shit. She was like an older sister to me and she used to bring me Japanese fashion magazines and I would just pore over them for hours.

6. Describe your personal style: I have to admit a lot of days when I go to work I dress like a boy. I say this because I’ve lost count of the number of times I was dressed almost exactly like my guy friends.

7. Style Dos and Don’ts: DO wear things that make you feel good. If you don’t feel like yourself or are uncomfortable, it’s going to show. DON’T buy things unless you’re completely in love with them, otherwise you’re just going to end up ignoring them in your closet.

8. Favorite and Most Hated trend right now: I still love the shoes with fur trend and I’m not really a fan of the over-sized down jacket trend. It reminds me of when wearing really large Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger jackets were a thing.

9. Fashion philosophy: Don’t splurge on trends, invest in classics

10. Favorite things in your closet: I love my coats, they’re like security blankets for me. However, my current love is my python crossbody from Prada F/W 2011. I LOVE. I DIE. But now I need ostrich.

11. If you can wear one type of outfit forever, what would it be?: Silk or cotton pajama set with a long coat and four inch heels (with perfect tousled bed head hair to match).

12. Favorite fashion designers: Fashion gawds: Miuccia, Raf, and Phoebe.

Photos by Karen Capalaran

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