Kanye West at Madison Square Garden – Yeezy Season 3 | Album Release

In an almost cliché fashion, the delay for Kanye West at Madison Square Garden is over!  The internet buzz began last week, when it was announced that Yeezy Season 3 and Kanye’s forthcoming album release will be happening at the same damn time.  What better way to drop ‘ONE of the greatest’ albums of all time than to release it in the city that hip-hop was built?  I guess it also helps that it’s going to be in Madison Square Garden of all places…

If you haven’t already realized it, Kanye is an evil genius in the marketing game.  To sell out Madison Square Garden for a listening party for your latest album,  debuting your most recent fashion line, while having it live streamed in theaters across the globe, during New York Fashion Week shows his absolute mastery of this game.

If you haven’t already, purchase your screening passes on Kanye’s website before its too late!

Kanye West at Madison Square Garden

Yeezy Season 3 & album premiere will stream on February 11, 2016, at a movie theater near you!

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