Superism Launch by Ben Baller

“Many are called, few are chosen” is the powerful mantra setting the tone for contemporary menswear brand, Superism, who is set to partner with trend-setting, e-commerce powerhouse, Revolve, for the release of their first collection in its entirety. Superism represents a way of life and a school of thought shared by young professionals who work hard, fail often and never know the definition of defeat. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for success, the Superism man is ambitious and forward thinking, optimistically relentless and, for all intents and purposes, Super.

The brand, along with co-founder and living definition of the brand’s namesake, Ben Yang, who has made a name for himself in the entertainment and fashion industries, were looking for a partner that shared their passion for perseverance and exuded the general essence of the brand, thus making Revolve the perfect choice.

Over the past 10 plus years, Revolve has grown its online shop into a brand of its own by staying on the forefront of fashion and maintaining a closely curated collection of designers.

Superism exists in the transitional space of youth to adulthood and serves to fill a void between casual and well dressed. The Spring 2016 collection focuses on essential basics that have been refined and tailored to a modern man’s body, lifestyle and career. By using alternative patterns and fabrics, Superism has breathed new life into staple aesthetics through premium pieces that will separate their customer from his youthful counterparts. The line’s signature pieces include a classic yet forward bomber silhouette made from 100% suede, brushed slim chinos and an elongated terry crew neck with a suede lined kangaroo pocket. Leather accents are a special and distinct signature of the line, adding a premium and luxurious touch that will likely strike a cord with the Revolve customer who is looking for upscale, timeless pieces with an updated edge.

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